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Blog Update

I’m going to be gone most the day tomorrow so I’ve just queue’d up some reblogs. Have a great day everyone!




i will never get tired of this

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insigniaslim asked:
have you played all 3 dead spaces? if so what are your thoughts on them compared to resident evil franchise?

I beat the first Dead Space and played the second a little bit. I still have yet to play the third. In my personal opinion, Resident Evil will always be better but that’s because I grew up with RE and it holds a special place in my heart. I love everything about Dead Space don’t get me wrong, but Resident Evil’s characters have been around a long time for me lol.


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The Legend of Zelda & Mario 64

by Vincent Bisschop




Framed Yoshi (Super Mario World)

More stuff for the convention. I actually ran out of frames so I have to make a stop this afternoon to buy more. Website is still being worked on! I will have much more time in the middle and end of May to get that all put together. I have 9 more pirahna plants to make, and you should start seeing more minecraft stuff and sets this afternoon. Hope you guys enjoy it!